薇塔贝尔是英国婴幼孕妇保健营养品首屈一指品牌,获颁英女皇奖, 名星产品包括: 孕妇营养素, 夫妻孕前备孕营养片, 哺乳期营养片, 妊娠纹产后修复霜, 孕妇全面营养片, 宝宝营养液, 婴儿营养滴液,  钙镁锌。有Wellbaby, Wellkids, PregnanCare, Osteocare等系列。

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Vitabiotics Osteocare Liquid 200ml

$120 $65
  • Easy absorb and swallow, maintain bone health and optimal bone mineralisation.
  • Suitable for ALL AGES, especially important for children and pregnant or breastfeeding mom and ages +50


Vitabiotics Pregnacare Plus 56 Tablets

$280 $140
  • Greater care during pregnancy and breast-feeding, all ingredient levels are within safe levels
  • Advanced formula provides recommended 400µg folic acid+multi-vitamins
  • Plus Omega-3 capsules with recommended 300mg
  • Help brain and eye development & maintain Maternal Health

Vitabiotics Wellbaby Multi-vitamin Liquid 150ml

$140 $75
  • Ideal for 4 months to 4 years
  • Provides carefully balanced, comprehensive range of 14 essential vitamins and minerals
  • Safeguard?babies and infants’?rapid physical growth and development of bones, muscles, blood and the brain.